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Saturday, August 28, 2010

FW: WinImage 8.50(32/64 bit) Final (+Portable)



Feed: TVF New Appz!
Posted on: 22 August 2010 12:35
Author: TVF New Appz!
Subject: WinImage 8.50(32/64 bit) Final (+Portable)


WinImage 8.50(32/64 bit) Final (+Portable)


WinImage is a fully-fledged disk-imaging suite for easy creation, reading and editing of many image formats and fileystems, including DMF, VHD, FAT, ISO, NTFS and Linux. The disk image is an exact copy of a physical disk (floppy, CD-ROM, hard disk, USB, VHD disk, etc.) or a partition that preserves the original structure. With WinImage in place, you can recreate the disk image on the hard drive or other media, view its content, extract image-based files, add new files and directories, change the format, and defragment the image. All this and more is delivered in one intuitive user interface that enables imaging right out of the box.

WinImage has many cool features :
- Create a disk image from a removable drive (like USB drive), CD-ROM, floppy,
- Extract file(s) from a disk image,
- Create empty disk images,
- Inject files and directories into an existing disk image,
- Change a disk image format,

- Defragment a disk image,
- A powerful "Batch assistant" mode that lets you automate many operations,
- And many more!



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