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Saturday, August 28, 2010

FW: Microsys A1 Keyword Research v2.3.1



Feed: TVF New Appz!
Posted on: 22 August 2010 13:09
Author: TVF New Appz!
Subject: Microsys A1 Keyword Research v2.3.1



Microsys A1 Keyword Research v2.3.1 | 5 Mb

A1 Keyword Research – allowing the program to analyze your web site and pick up for him the most related to your website keywords used in search engines. This research tool allows you to analyze your competitors offer keywords for your site, check their positions in search engines, increase your keyword lists to your site and help you optimize your pages on the density and prominence of keywords. This program has a very simple interface, many full-functionality and ease of use. In addition, it is worth noting that the program is translated into several languages, including Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Key features:
· Optimize website content and ad campaigns.
· Find related keywords and phrases.
· Build keyword lists that cover all variations, e.g. keyword tumblers, word permutations, spelling errors and missing spaces.
· Position check and track history.
· View past ranking positions on graphs cnad charts.
· Check keyword density.
· Have titles, headers etc. “weight” more than normal text.
· Analyze competition, e.g. page keyword relevance, backlinks and Google PageRank.
· Can integrate with online SEO, PPC and website analysis and keyword marketing tools. All information and data can be exported as XML or CSV. Configure, import and export lists with keywords, websites and search engines to check.
· Concurrently position check multiple websites for multiple phrases at multiple search engines.
· Advanced users can add support for new search engines to check website ranking against.
· Concurrently check multiple keyword suggestion engines for multiple input phrases.
· Advanced users can add support for new keyword and phrase suggestion engines to get keywords from.







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